EAA AirVenture

EAA Airventure Made Easy

Each year, more than half a million aviation enthusiasts from around the world are welcomed to Oshkosh, Wisconsin to attend EAA Airventure. At EAA Airventure Oshkosh, meet with air hobbyists alike and see the world’s best pilots perform shows that leave with you a lifetime of memories.

EAA Airventure Made Easy

EAA Airventure is located only 20 miles from Appleton Flight Center and Appleton International Airport. Choose Appleton Flight Center for your convenience in attending the week-long event.

Airventure Rates and Reservations

  • No reservations needed, the week of EAA
  • A flat rate of $25 for all grass parking.
  • 18-acres of concrete ramp to accommodate larger planes and twins and plenty of grass acreage to accommodate smaller aircraft.
  • Prices for the ramp are the same year-round – no EAA AirVenture extra fees.

Watches, Warnings, and What To Do

If severe weather does develop, Public Safety will be notified and come out to direct you to Appleton Flight Center or another location out of the elements, you can also contact PS anytime or monitor weather on AWOS:

  • Public Safety: (920) 832-1633
  • WX AWOS-3: (920) 832-2597

Tying Down Your Aircraft

Airport Management requires all aircraft on grass parking areas to be tied down. Tie-down kits are available to purchase from the EAA volunteers on site