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Expect nothing less than excellence when you use our Fixed Based Operator services. The professionals at Appleton Flight Center have the expertise to make your visit to the northeast Wisconsin enjoyable and comfortable, offering friendly service from the moment you arrive.

Full Service FBO

A clean, modern facility located in the heart of Northeast Wisconsin, Appleton Flight Center provides services for all your aviation needs.

  • Accommodate aircrafts from sports, to freight, to military charters.
  • Receive services at a state-of-the-art terminal facility, designed with you and your passengers in mind.
  • Relax in the comfort of your own pilots’ lounge.
  • Reserve our spacious conference room for all your important meetings.
  • Protect your aircraft against the elements, and cover it in our heated hangar.
  • Explore the area with our complimentary crew cars.

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Pilots Belong at
Appleton Flight Center

We created amenities with pilots in mind. At Appleton Flight Center, we understand what’s important to you and why you choose your FBO.

  • Overnight hangar
  • Rental cars arranged on-site
  • Pilot courtesy cars
  • Concierge services and catering
  • Flight planning room
  • Customer lounge and conference room
  • Third-party aircraft maintenance
  • Complimentary refreshments and fresh baked cookies

Our Ammenities


Appleton Flight Center is proud to be a part of the Avfuel network with competitive fuel rates and both full-service and self-serve options.

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Ensure your aircraft is properly maintained and ready to fly at its finest. Our maintenance crew is at your service.

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Hangar Leases & Rentals

Lease or rent an Appleton Flight Center hangar for the ultimate protection from the elements and security for peace-of-mind.

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